Debt and Leverage

Debt is a liability on your balance sheet. The most common form of debt is a loan, where a bank is lending you money and expects you to pay the money and interest back after a certain amount of time. The result of too much debt can be bad for your financial situation, because liabilities Debt and Leverage

Asset allocation

When you start investing, you need to have a plan. How much of your money do you put into different asset classes? Answering this question leads to your asset allocation. It should be describing how you want to split your money between the 3 main asset classes: Equity // Fixed Income // Cash equivalents If Asset allocation

The Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator

For things to work out it helps to have a plan. You should really have a plan about your finances in life. This Excelfile will help you to set a plan for your finances for the rest of your life: Play and Learn! Things you can learn by using the tool and playing with the The Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator


Net Worth is the one number that is describing how wealthy you are. You should really know your net worth. Keep track over your Net Worth over time. Increase your net worth by increasing your income, lowering your expenses and investing your money wisely. You can use this Spreadsheet to do this: Advanced tools that Net-Worth-Tracking-Tools

Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth

Rich people usually do not have tons of money in their bank accounts but they own a lot of assets. Net worth is the number that is describing how wealthy a person is: Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities Your assets are everything you own that has value. Your liabilities is everything that you owe Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth

How to spend less money

How much money you are spending is one of the two key variables if you want to have more money (see Manifesto). You can’t manage, what you don’t measure. The first step to spending less money is: Know how much and on what you are spending money. If you do not know what you are How to spend less money

How to earn more money

How much money you are earning is one of the two key variables if you want to have more money (see Manifesto). To earn money you need to: Have things that other people are willing to give you money for. What can those things be? If you are working as an employee in a company How to earn more money

What is money?

Money is an agreement within a community of people and it is mostly used as a medium of exchange or to store value. This agreement allows people to use money to pay for goods and services. The value of money is determined by the amount of goods or services that the community agrees on it What is money?


We are in 2020, when I write this. The common opinion for most of our population is, that money is a very complicated thing. In my opinion money is a solved problem. To have more money you need to: Earn more money, than you spend. This leaves only two variables in the equation. If you Manifesto