The Lifetime-Net Worth-Simulator

For things to work out it helps to have a plan. You should really have a plan about your finances in life. This Excelfile will help you to set a plan for your finances for the rest of your life:

Play and Learn!

Things you can learn by using the tool and playing with the variables:

  • The incredible power of compounding interest.
  • How inflation can eat up your savings.
  • How your income, expenses and annual investment returns affect your long term net worth.
  • How to not run out of money when you are old.
  • That you can amass a lot of money working in a normal job, cutting your expenses.
  • That you need a very high income if you want to become a billionaire.

Life is not as smooth as a ride as it might be looking like in this tool.

Things this tool will not teach you are:

  • How fluctuations in your income will affect your net worth
  • How market fluctuations will affect your net worth
  • It is just an indication for retirement planning but not a good forecast to when you can retire – more variables come into play here.


To get started change the yellow simulation variables and see what happens to the graph. Try what happens if you have more or less income or expenses. See what happens if you have good or bad investment returns. Simulate how hyperinflation would affect your savings.

Age at start year: Fill in your current age.

Net Worth: Your current net worth (How to calculate this)

Current Yearly Income: All the money that other people are giving to you over 1 year, without investment income (How to optimize this).

Current Yearly Expenses: All the money you are giving to other people over 1 year (How to optimize this).

Working until: The age you are planning to retire.

Yearly Income after retirement: The amount of money other poeple will give you after you retire (e.g. pension).

Higher costs yearly: Your yearly increase in costs, can be caused by inflation or by you aiming for spending more money.

Yearly investment return: The annual return that you expect from your investments.

Deviation in annual investment return: Visualizing the best and worst case scenario depending on a lower/higher yearly investment return.

Yearly income rise: The yearly increase you expect for your income.

If you want to use this tool long term, you can take a look at the green area for advanced users. Here you can put in your real live income, expenses and net worth every year and see how those will behave compared to your simulation.

If you like to use your local currency, use “format cells” to change the currency to $, £, € or ¥. If you are living in 2950 when those do not exist anymore, replace them with your currency. I hope Excel is still a thing in 2950.