How to invest your money – the short version

Before listening to any financial advice, think twice about it. It might be a scam (including this post).

If you did not leave yet and are still reading, here is my guideline for people who do not want to spend any time learning about investing, but still want to invest:

  1. Invest 60% of your money in a globally diversified stock ETF (search for “FTSE All World”).
  2. Invest 30% of your money in a globally diversified government bond ETF (search for “FTSE Global Government”).
  3. Keep 10% of your money in your bank account.
  4. When you have money invest again so you keep this 60/30/10 ratio.

If you are wondering what you are actually doing with following the advise above, I highly suggest you read also the next post “How to invest your money – long version“.